Sharing & Collaborating lesson plans shouldn't be so frustrating, right?!
The education for liberation platform
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means, "to teach someone something" in Nahuatl
For educators dedicated to lifelong learning
Machitia is designed to help educators dedicated to education for liberation to improve their lesson plans, apply various pedagogies, and build community. Machitia will make it easier for educators to create, collaborate, and share transformative lesson plans.
Finally a platform for educators
dedicated to empowering learners
Whether your lesson plans focus on a subject, age group, or highlight specific pedagogies; you're the creator!
Super easy to share, organize, and add to your library any lesson plans created by you or other amazing educators
Explore resources linked to lesson plans, pedagogies, wellness tips, how to organize, engage parents, and any other resource you and your peers want to share
Manage who collaborates with you on your lesson plans for specific constructive feedback, suggestions, updates, and ideas to make it better
Build community with other educators who teach the same subject, use similar pedagogy, have common identities, and interests
Education for Liberation
Challenge yourself to empower every learner you have the opportunity to interact with, including yourself
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Through our partners, we know Machitia is the needed platform for educators dedicated to education for liberation!
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